Today’s the last day of the year, the perfect time to reflect on this year and focus on the future. 2012 has been a magnificent year for us and we would like to thank our customers for their trust in our services. We enjoyed your business and we’re looking forward serving you in the year that comes.

What 2012 has brought us

This year has been excitement times for PHP and related businesses. All over the world PHP user communities started localised PHP conferences like Boston PHP Conference, Lone Star PHP and TrueNorthPHP bringing PHP and related knowledge to a local audience.

Mobile has been hotter then ever, so hot that at ZendCon Zend announced their mobile first application development tools to rapidly develop mobile applications for a multitude of mobile platforms.

Cloud solutions have improved as well, with the most remarkable game changer being Window Azure. Cloud now offers solutions for everyone, offering services to run apps natively on hosted platforms (PaaS), providing infrastructures to build very flexible solutions (IaaS) but most of all the breakthrough of ready-to-use services in the cloud (SaaS).

Public API services have also increased in popularity, offering developers access to internal data and/or solutions to build new applications on top of their services. Most remarkable are the solutions provided by Mashery, SendGrid and Twillio.

Second generation frameworks also dominated the year with both Symfony and Zend Framework releasing their 2nd generation framework.

Increased demand for higher quality and quality assurance tools was also something we noticed, especially since QA is one of the core services of in2it. Since everything gets connected with everything, making changes in an existing product or service has become very difficult and without any form of quality assurance it is a disaster to happen. Online services like Travis-Ci and SauceLabs have become very popular tools for nowadays development shops.

We cannot neglect the importance of social coding platforms like GitHub and BitBucket where people and companies open-source their ideas and build communities around them.

Remote work becomes more and more important as people want to mix their professional and personal life in such a way that best suits their needs. And with increasing energy prises it becomes a more logical solution for companies to build virtual offices using online infrastructures to manage their teams while engaging their customers at workspace hubs.

What does 2013 have to offer us?

No one can predict the future, but based on knowledge from the past we can make really good assumptions for the nearby future. And in a very well connected community like the PHP Community, we can follow the discussions on mailing lists and on IRC.

By collecting all information we can predict a rise in security concerns. Just like we saw in 2012, applications are being build with a quick-time-to-market approach, skipping most steps safeguarding quality and providing proficient security measures. Now these applications have reached a critical mass, lack of quality and security are now showing in failures of applications and security breaches.

We will also see an increased rise of mobile apps consuming the billions of public and private API services. People want to do more things on the go they normally would do behind a desktop computer. The desktop will become less important and will be used for high-performance tasks that cannot be done in the cloud, even though today a desktop can not match the power of clustered cloud instances. But people have a hard time to let go of old habits.

We also believe the need for professional training will be more and more important. Therefor we at in2it will invest in bringing you new training courses with new material for quality assurance, automated testing, zend framework 2 and windows azure solutions.

Our wishes for you

With all this goodness in front of us, we can only wish you a safe and happy new year. 2013 will be an amazing year for businesses small and big, and opportunities are everywhere for you to turn into successes. We are looking forward helping you realising your dreams in 2013.

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Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.