We’re happy to announce we’re sponsoring PHPBenelux Conference 2014. This is the 5th edition of this conference and it promises to be a real awesome event. 2 days of workshops, sessions and evening socials. When looking at the schedule, we are sure brains will be hurt during the conference.

Why you should be there

PHPBenelux is not just a local conference anymore. Yes, it started that way back in 2010 but over the past 5 years it has grown into an international conference drawing attendees from all over Europe and some even from beyond the borders of Europe. The content is targeted at professional PHP developers and the workshops are of such high quality you won’t find in a regular training course.

Another unique aspect of this conference are the social events held on each conference evening. The introduction of Belgian beer tasting,  genuine Belgian fries, outdoor BBQ with spirits bar and the bowling were the main social hotspots for the past years. Unfortunately the bowling was too old and had to be removed. Of course PHPBenelux wouldn’t be the creative crew if they didn’t had a replacement for the decommissioned bowling alley. Come to the conference to find out what it is.

Quality key

We at in2it put lots of effort teaching developers to pay more attention to the quality of their code, and this is exactly why we love PHPBenelux Conference as well. The crew pays a lot of attention to details making sure that all is meeting their minimum standard and thus raising the bar on quality. No wonder we support their cause.

Get your tickets now!

Just like last year, tickets are selling fast. So if you want to go, just buy your tickets now and worry about reimbursement later. Even if you don’t get your money back, don’t consider it a loss but an investment in your knowledge and your future.


People have been talking a lot about going to the conference is so much better than getting a training course or trying to figure stuff out by yourself. At a conference you’re surrounded by other developers just like you and they might help you out on issues you’re facing. And don’t be afraid to approach our speakers. Most of them are happy to sit down and help you out. That’s the beauty of the PHP community: everyone is out there to help each other. Exactly the reason why we want to support this community.

Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.