October 2014 I attended ZendCon in Santa Clara, California where Zend celebrated the 10th anniversary of ZendCon, the PHP conference organised by Zend where they could showcase their products and services, along with their sponsors and partners.

Their biggest announcement was Z-Ray, a tool that allows you to inspect responses from your web application in more detail giving you more in-depth insides of your application’s behaviour. A must-have tool if you’re doing PHP development.

Continuous Delivery, quality control and security were the main topics trending as conference sessions. ZendCon offered stage time to numerous great speakers and experts in the field of PHP, including our very own Michelangelo van Dam, who presented “the Continuous PHP Pipeline”. His presentation covered the steps required to build strong pipelines where dependencies ensure the correct flow of execution, automate provisioning and deployment of applications.

At ZendCon you had the opportunity to meet several project leaders and community members, discuss ideas with them or just have drinks. Aside from the conference sessions you could also participate in the ZendUncon where anyone could give a presentation on a subject they were passionate about. This is a great place for first-time speakers try out their ability to speak in front of an audience. There have also been lightning talks that allowed people to talk about a subject for 20 minutes.

Zend, the company behind PHP, is doing great things with their Zend Server and Zend Studio products, making it easier for developers to develop, profile and secure their applications while ensuring most processes can be automated to provide full continuous delivery. Besides their commercial products, Zend also excels with Zend Framework 2 and Apigility. The roadmap for both open-source projects looks very promising and the future of application development will only become better for developers applying these successes.

In2it excels at improving quality over new and legacy code bases, with years of experience and expertise in the field of testing, measuring and refactoring. Come reach out to us if you’re interested in learning more about our solutions.

Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.

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