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We received a special invitation for Serbia’s PHP Test Conference, a conference devoted soley to testing and improving quality. And what a quality it was.


It all started with my arrival. Milan Popović came to pick me up at Belgrade airport and promptly offered me a local data SIM-card. Half an hour later we already arrived at Hotel Palace where I dropped my bags in my room and went straight to the Kaffein, a true coffee bar with museum just a few blocks away from the hotel. This is where I met Srdjan VranacIvan HabunekLuka Mužinić and other folks from Croatia.

A nice treat for the evening was a dinner at a classic American diner from the 60’s called Sugar & Spice where pancakes, crepes and waffles were the main ingredients combined with different sorts of meat.

Conference day

The conference was a one-day event held at the Beogradski sajam (Belgrade Fair). The room reserved for the conference was packed with an astonishing 400 attendees all eager to learn more about testing and improving quality.

Our very own Michelangelo van Dam presented his “Your code are my tests” talk showing the audience that even legacy code (or code that doesn’t adhere to best code practices) can be tested. Showing how to track progress using code coverage to see how tests are exactly targeting your expected unit of code, he was able to successfully capture each condition and even detect dead code.

But Michelangelo was amongst true heroes of testing and quality in Europe and Balkan. Amazing speakers like Sebastian BergmannSrdjan VranacIvan HabunekLuka MužinićIlija StudenSaša Stamenković and Darko Fabijanjoined Michelangelo in educating and inspiring the audience how to get started and love testing.

A great respect and gratitude goes out to Milan Popović and his crew of PHPSrbija. They were able to bring together a community devoted to improve quality in web application development.

Speakers’ Dinner

For the speakers, dinner was scheduled at Tri šešira where traditional Serbian meals were given. Very tasteful.


The PHP community in the Balkan is unknown to us in the West, which is a shame. These people are very friendly, passionate and have shown to the world they are eager to improve quality of web applications. This conference was the perfect example of it.

If you’re ever in “the area”, contact the PHPSrbija user group and hang out with them. Their warm welcome and passion captivates you and makes you feel sad to leave.

We at in2it are specialized in improving quality on PHP projects and are able to help you set up, organise and get your business critical components covered with unit tests. Shoot us a message if you would like us to help you safeguard your applications and save on future expension of your web applications.

Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.