We would like to thank you all for a wonderful 2017 and wish you and your loved ones happy holidays. We love to see you again in 2018.

As the year closes to an end, we’re looking back at a very challenging 2017 where we welcomed new clients, established strong and powerful partnerships and got further engaged with the PHP, DevOps and testing communities. We have given out 20 Yubico U2F FIDO Security Keys (YubiKey) at different meetups where we talked about GDPR and how to protect privacy for your customers, staff and suppliers. If you want to keep track of where you can find us and potentially win our raffle, visit our events page where you’ll find our upcoming engagements.

Giving out Yubico U2F keys at user group meetups

Earlier this year we also started to prepare ourselves for the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR that aims at protecting the privacy of citizens within all of the 28 EU member states. It was hard work and a lot of research was required, but we’re finally ready. We got rid of many external services and kept only the bare minimum to run our business. We cleaned up even our contact list and only send out newsletters to people who have reconfirmed to be on our mailing list. We also did a full risk assessment of our data and our data locations, created policies and procedures for the whole company. We also created a small app to look up if your WordPress plugin is compliant with GDPR and are rolling out other tools and procedures to better safeguard the privacy of your users in the coming year. So stay tuned!

Privacy by design

Fortunately we were already used to this process as we have been advocating quality and automation for the past 8 years. Applying what we know best on our business processes was an interesting and very educational experience.

In2it back to school training course promotions

That said, 2018 will bring us enough challenges in the form of increased cyber threats with data breaches becoming a major violation when it contains privacy information and is exposed to the public. We will also keep up with ongoing evolution of technology looking at Event Sourcing, Data Leakage Prevention and Identity Management. And we keep the door open for new trends that will be arriving next year.

Needless to say that we’ve already finished updating al our training courses to ensure your developers are getting the right information to stay ahead of all these challenges. All material is now designed for PHP 7.2 which was released November 30.

In2it PHP Bootcamp Training

From all of us here at In2it, we want to wish you happy holidays and we love to see you again next year.

Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.