Web Design


A web site is more then a digital flyer of your company. It has to attract customers, not just once but many times over. And people like good looking, very easy to use web sites that gives them a feeling of welcome and provides them with the correct information about your products and services.

If you have already a web site, we can restyle it to be more attractive and easier to find the correct information. Or if you’re starting of with a web site we can create custom made styles and templates to use on your web site or integrate it in your WordPress blog.

We offer the following design options:

  • Custom web site: html and css designs to integrate in your custom web site
  • WordPress themes: we create custom wordpress themes for a unique look and feel for your blog
  • Prestashop themes: we create custom prestashop themes for creating a unique e-commerce shop

If you already have a design made by someone, we can slice and dice this design and convert it into html and css to be used on your web site.