DayCamp4Developers is the conference you want to attend! With speakers from across the world bringing you great knowledge about PHP and related web technologies right in the comfort of your own computer.

Maybe you’re new to the world of PHP or you have been isolated from the larger PHP community, but now you can attend an online conference aimed at web developers (mainly working with PHP) for an affordable price. It’s called DayCamp4Developers and is hosted by the master of insane ideas, Mr. Cal Evans.

In2it has been a proud sponsor of DayCamp4Developers as we believe that knowledge should be shared at the lowest price possible to improve the world we’re living in. We have sponsored every single DayCamp4Developers (except an exclusive event) and we continue to do so.

So wait no longer and claim your seat for DayCamp4Developers if you haven’t done so already and “Invest a day in your career” (quote taken from the website).

When you’re attending this online conference, don’t forget that there is also the virtual hallway track on IRC ( in channel #dc4d. Here you can hang out with members of the PHP community. You will also find us there.

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