In2it offers quality assurance services (QA) to improve web applications and reduce risk of down-time, security breaches or system failures.

Quality Assurance or QA is a process to prevent failures in software applications and to ensure that the required solution is provided to the end user. To achieve this goal software needs to be tested and analysed. In2it’s Quality Assurance Services are oriented at providing automated testing and analysis.

In2it QA services

Quality through testing

The only way to ensure a required level of quality is reached is to test for it. The type of testing is heavily dependent on what requirements you try to validate. Let in2it assist you in finding the correct testing solutions for your business and help you ensuring quality levels are met.

Unit testing

Unit testing tests the code base to ensure it behaves as expected and catches edge cases that might break the functionality of the code. For PHP projects PHPUnit is the leading unit test framework that is compliant to all the unit test frameworks for other technologies.

In2it is the expert on PHPUnit and unit testing and we help development teams to get started with setting up and get started with PHPUnit.

Integration testing

Integration testing is oriented towards integrating the code base with other systems like databases and web services to see everything is working correctly together. These type of testing help to ensure a project is well integrated within the business.

Together with in2it you have a solid partner that understands business processes and can help you set up integration tests that will ensure that the project is successful from the day it launches.

Functional testing

Functional testing is the classic way of testing where a list of use cases are checked and verified to ensure that the application behaves according to the requirements. Often this is manually executed by QA teams, but can also be automated.

Exploratory testing

Exploratory testing or black-box testing is a process where the application is tested while exploring the application. All elements of an applications are tested while being explored.

Performance testing

Performance testing validates that minimum requirements are met in regards to speed and responsiveness of the application and its underlying layers. Ensuring a well performing application is a huge challenge as performance often decreases when applications grow bigger. These tests should prevent that new additions are slowing down the applications.

In2it uses a set of industry leading tools to test performances of web applications and keep track of changes in the speed of the application.

Security testing

Security testing is a must-have for web applications. The threats and dangers of the internet are daily visible with data breaches and hacked web sites. Security testing is more than preventing SQL injection or Cross Site Scripting on your web apps, it’s ensuring you’re patched and secured on every level of the stack.

Resilience testing

What happens if your caches crashes, or when your database is offline? Resilience testing is aimed at simulating worst-case scenarios to ensure your application remains usable, even with reduced performance.

Accessibility testing

Making your web application accessible for everyone is import that anybody can use your application, even if they are not using a keyboard or mouse to interact with your web application.

Automated testing services

Computers are great at doing repetitive taks very well, testing is one of those things computers are great for. Automating the testing processes will ensure all tests are executed the same way each time and that any failures will be detected immediately.

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