Quality Assurance

Quality is the basic foundation you can build on, and assuring that your applications meet a certain quality ensures a long term, maintainable and scalable code base resulting in less overhead post sales.

Deployment is always a critical moment, and can turn into a nightmare once things go wrong. Having an automated deployment and recovery plan ensures that your software will be deployed in the same way, and can be reverted in case of problems.

Quality Assurance

The implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) is always a challenging step, and often a time-consuming, expensive effort. Especially with a code base developed a couple of years ago. Although QA is often regarded as an expensive but unnecessary step, you will gain back the investment from day 1 you need to fix bugs or implement new features.


When we talk about quality assurance, the keyword is indeed “assurance”. The goal is to rest assured nothing is broken when you leave the office after a release and feel confident all is good. And it’s easily achievable. Start writing your first test, add more as you go and before you know it you already have a couple of hundred unit tests safeguarding your code base.

We’re there to help

Testing is easy once you understand the rules, but can be challenging when you’re first starting with it. Our experienced consultants can assist your development team getting started and evaluate your tests to see they’re covering the subjects correctly. Get in touch with us to find out how you can raise the bar on quality.