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For years in2it has been the leading consulting company for professional PHP services in the whole of Europe. Over the years we have trained and mentored development teams for our customers in different industries like automation, retail, finance and transportation.

Now we have collected all this knowledge into ready to provide training courses, using real world examples and exercises to add our professional value to these training courses. Yes, these training courses are as close to the real thing as they can get. Bonus, our trainer Michelangelo van Dam has been a true PHP veteran consulting most of the clients and understands what goes on in PHP land. He’s by far the best suited trainer you can get for our training courses. That’s the main reason he’s speaking about PHP across the world at web and related technology conferences.

Please have a look at our training course overview for more details.

Our current training courses

PHP Bootcamp for fast-paced PHP training

in2it php bootcamp

In2it PHP Bootcamp gives junior developers the knowledge and experience required to become a valuable member of any PHP development team.

Read More →

PHPUnit: the basics

in2it-unit-testing-the-basicsWhen your web application is becoming the core of your business, it should be safeguarded from failures and mistakes that might cost your company lots of money.

PHPUnit: the basics is the training course you need to get started with writing unit tests to protect the most important parts of your PHP application. Read More →

PHPUnit Masterclass

in2it-unit-testing-masterclassIn PHPUnit Masterclass we go deeper into the art of unit testing and to teach you some techniques to become a master in test-driven development or TDD.

This PHPUnit Masterclass is a continuation of PHPUnit: the basics training course. Read More →

PHPUnit Workshop

In2it PHPUnit Workshop

Our in2it PHPUnit workshop is aimed to get developers started with the basics of PHPUnit. In this workshop we’ll cover the essentials to get started with unit testing your PHP applications. Read More →

Zend Framework 3 MasterClass

Zend Framework 3 MasterClass

Learn to master Zend Framework 3, the most powerful PHP framework based on proven standards and scalable configurations. Read More →

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