With in2it’s PHPUnit Masterclass you will learn how to test legacy PHP apps, use test-driven development for new projects and to write better tests.

PHPUnit Masterclass

This PHPUnit Masterclass is a continuation of PHPUnit: the basics training course.

Goal of this training course

PHPUnit Masterclass is designed so you will master the art of writing unit tests in a Test-Driven Development way. You will learn how to convert functional requirements into units, write the tests and finally write the concrete code implementation.


This training course is for developers that are very experienced in PHP and already are familiar with PHPUnit and writing tests. This training course will bridge the gap between the expert and the master in writing solid applications in a test-driven way.

Duration & course outline

This is a 3-day training course (18h) which will cover the following subjects:

  • What’s test-driven development?
  • Writing tests based on functional requirements
  • Using PHPUnit reports to match and validate requirements
  • Writing code based on unit tests
  • Test the untestable


€ 1.200,00 per person*

(*) 10% discount for groups of 10 participants or more

Class format & requirements

This training course will be given on-site. Participants should have a computer pre-installed with PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x and Apache 2.4 (natively or virtual). Code samples and exercises will be provided during the training course.

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