Our in2it PHPUnit workshop gets developers started with the basics of PHPUnit. In this workshop we’ll cover the essentials of unit testing.

In2it PHPUnit Workshop

Goal of this workshop

This workshop is created to get PHP developers started with PHPUnit. It’s an introduction workshop that only highlights the capabilities of PHPUnit and the advantages of unit testing. It is not an in-depth workshop, but will provide enough basis for participants to get started with unit testing within their own projects.


PHPUnit is not difficult to learn, but it helps if you have a good knowledge of PHP functions and inner workings. We suggest that a minimum of 2 years hands-on experience with PHP is required.

Duration & course outline

This 3-hour workshop will cover the following subjects:

  • History and introduction of PHPUnit
  • Setting up your application for testing
  • Writing tests for a new application using Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Refactoring and improving legacy code with unit tests
  • Advices to continue further


We have 3 price formats:

  • On-site: € 250 per person*
  • On-line: € 150 per person*
  • Community: Free**

(*) If you sign up for our PHPUnit Basics or PHPUnit Masterclass, we will refund you the prices of this workshop.

(**) We offer this workshop for free for PHP community oriented conferences and user group events.

Class format & requirements

This workshop will be given on-site or on-line. Participants should have a computer pre-installed with PHP 7.x, MySQL 5.x and Apache 2.4 (natively or virtual). Code samples and exercises will be provided during the workshop.

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