Introducing in2it

Get ready for the future with In2it’s professional services and improve the quality of your software while transforming your business to the digital age.

The in2it benefit

Our customers are involved in the most challenging industries like automation, transportation, healthcare, finance, tech, non-profit and government where there’s no such thing as an easy task. But with our knowledge and passion for delivering the highest quality we have grown into a leading company offering professional PHP services.

We are driven to face difficult challenges and turn them into success stories for our customers while coaching and training their development teams to operate at higher levels. This ensures knowledge stays inside the organisation and the whole team is more motivated.

Involved with the PHP community

Since its founding in2it vof has been heavily involved in supporting the PHP community by sponsoring user group events, provide assistance on infrastructures. In2it’s co-founder and CEO Michelangelo van Dam can be seen at several international conferences around the world where he shares his knowledge through presentations and workshops.

“By engaging the community we stay ahead of our game, learn what the future will bring and listen to desires of the community. By being close to the community we succeed in our work, delivering quality services to satisfied customers.”

We keep our engagement to the PHP community and do what we can to make things possible.

Involved with the Testing community

Our passion lies with testing and improving quality of projects. Over the years we not only have gained knowledge how to test applications, but we have shared our knowledge at user group meetups and conferences. We even have organised free Testing Workshops to motivate web application and mobile developers to apply automated and manual testing practices in their workflow.