Our professional services has helped businesses to increase the quality of their web & mobile applications, automate their workflows and reduce bug reports. Our proven approach helped our customers to beat competition and grow their market share while remaining within budget.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation
Enjoy the freedom of digital transformation

Moving into a digital world means more than just technology solutions. Digital transformation is all about new ways to achieve greater market value and to accelerate the business.

As a core element in our professional services, in2it can help you defining the roadmap towards your digital transformation:

  • we assess your current digital maturity
  • we help translate your business needs into IT requirements
  • we define impact on business processes
  • we deliver blueprints for dematerialisation of existing procedures and processes
  • we train and mentor your staff to adopt these transformations

Quality engineering

Automated testing dashboard
In2it makes testing visible

Web and mobile applications are often build to deliver functionality as quickly as possible. Due to this fast time to market they lack essential quality aspects which can result in financial loss or reputation damage.

In2it delivers quality assurance (QA) services since it was founded in 2009 and is a pioneer in helping businesses implement quality engineering as part of their development workflows. We focus on the following areas:

  • automated testing
  • continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
  • manual testing
  • efficient reporting and monitoring

Advanced PHP Services

PHP web application development
PHP application and API development

PHP is a programming language that’s being used by almost 80% of all applications on the internet and is being used by many of the leading businesses. Also the most used platforms and frameworks are written in PHP like WordPress and Magento.

In2it takes web application and API development to the next level with almost 20 years of PHP development expertise. We help our customers with the following challenges:

  • modernising legacy applications
  • custom solutions and integrations for your existing applications
  • improving quality of services