Professional services for you

We help your business convert into a digital company, improve the quality of your software solutions and provide advanced PHP services.

Digital Transformation

We help to make your business a digital company ready for the future.

Quality Engineering

Improve the quality of your applications with our proven quality engineering methods

Advanced PHP Services

We help to modernise your legacy applications and build custom solutions.

In2it offers professional services for businesses who want to improve the quality of their web applications. Based out of Mechelen, Belgium we help companies all over Europe to add testing, quality, resilience, security and privacy by design in their development workflows and provide assistance in automating software releases.

Are you loosing customers because they can’t place an order on your website? Are your employees dissatisfied working with your custom developed ERP system? Are your developers having a hard time adding new features to your existing application? These are all signs that testing was not part of your release process.

Take action now and discover how in2it can help you improve the quality of your web applications.

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