We offer advanced PHP services for your business to modernise legacy applications, build custom solutions on existing platforms or complete unfinished projects. No challenge is too complicated, no codebase has secrets. Our team is ready to support your business needs.

PHP is the most used technology for internet based applications. According to W3Techs, almost 80% of all web applications are build with PHP. This means that 8 out of 10 websites you visit or apps you use are running on a PHP system. Over 40% of all websites are powered by WordPress, a CMS build with PHP, according to the announcement on the WordPress site.

Modernising legacy applications

In2it modernises existing applications
In2it modernises existing PHP applications

In2it has a proven track record in modernising applications in PHP. We make improvements in your existing codebase without halting feature development. We will make sure your application will run with the latest PHP version, makes use of the latest framework and is ready to serve your business value for the many more years to come.

Modernising legacy applications is not throwing away existing code and start from scratch. It’s a process of analysing, refactoring and testing the existing source code where we decouple dependencies and remove deprecated functionality.

Building custom solutions

In2it builds custom solutions for your business needs
In2it builds custom solutions for your business needs

We understand that technology can support any business, but that the challenge lies with identifying the technical solution for a particular business need. That’s why we build custom solutions on existing platforms to achieve those business requirements.

We modify existing platforms to fit your business needs or we build custom modules, plugins or add-ons in the solution you already have in place. We even integrate your PHP application with other technology stacks like Java or .NET/C#.

Adding quality in your PHP projects

Improving quality for reliant services
Improving quality for reliant services

Your PHP applications have become a critical source of value for your business. Any mistake made can have catastrophic consequences and damages your reputation. We help your business to increase quality and reliability of your PHP projects while making sure your developers adapt a process of quality by design in their workflow.

Check out our Quality Engineering services to see how in2it can help improving the quality of your applications.