The time is now for your digital transformation! Your customers want to communicate faster over multiple channels. They also demand to receive their ordered goods on the same day. Your employees need systems that remove road blocks so they can add value to the business. Your executive team needs to make decisions on current facts and figures. You want to attract and hire remote workers as local talent is hard to find.

For many businesses and organisations it is a real challenge to stay current with this changing market. They struggle to follow up on orders and customer questions and have outdated information to base their decisions on. If no steps are taken, these companies will slowly sink away in the digital age.

Digital workforce is coming
Is your business ready for the digital workforce?

Roadmap to digital transformation

We understand very well that these challenges are real. Where should you start? How can you convert your business processes into digital workflows? Is your staff ready for your journey into the digital age?

In2it can help you define your roadmap to transform your business activities, processes, competencies and models so you enter the digital age with a solid foundation.

  • we assess your current digital maturity
  • we help translate your business needs into IT requirements
  • we define impact on business processes
  • we deliver blueprints for dematerialisation of existing procedures and processes
  • we train and mentor your staff to adopt these transformations
Digital transformation roadmap
We help you defining your digital transformation roadmap

Innovate & pivot for the digital era

Some businesses are relying on analog processes to produce or deliver quality goods or services. We understand that they are reluctant to think about digitising their analog processes: they don’t want to loose their identity. We work closely with these businesses to retain their craftsmanship through digital workflows. As Gartner describes in their “Foster Innovation to Drive Digital Transformation” article, there are only 2 ways to remain competitive in the digital market:

  1. Improve existing solutions
  2. Create new products and services

We help our clients to figure out if they can improve existing solutions or that they need to create new products or services to modernise their organisation and stay ahead of the competition.

Innovate and pivot
Drive change with innovation