Professional PHP Consultant


Michelangelo van Dam

Email: [email protected]
Work: +32 15 34 52 90

Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo is co-founder and CEO of in2it vof. He’s been working with PHP for over a decade and has become an expert on PHP, Zend Framework & quality assurance. Since the founding of in2it vof, Michelangelo advises small and midsize businesses, enterprises and governmental institutes on improving their codebase.

Besides consulting, he gives training courses on PHP, Zend Framework, unit testing and improving quality assurance on PHP projects. You can read more about his knowledge and expertise on his blog

Michelangelo is also heavily involved with the PHP community and co-founded PHPBenelux, the PHP user group for Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Besides running this user group, he speaks regularly at PHP conferences around the world.

Michelangelo is a proud member of the Dutch Web Alliance, an alliance of freelancers and small business owners who are meeting on a regular basis to discuss business regulations, opportunities and project challenges.

Sharing knowledge is a passion of Michelangelo. That’s why he’s also coaching children at CoderDojo in Mechelen.