We’re honoured to support PHPUnit, the unit testing framework for PHP.

At in2it PHPUnit is the first and foremost tool we use daily to ensure the code we produce meets the industry quality standards and behaves the way our customers intended.

Through unit, integration, regression, and user acceptance testing with PHPUnit we are able to prevent mistakes reaching customers while it also allows us to better architect applications. This is why we claim quality engineering with PHP for many years now.

PHP Tour Luxembourg 2015 − Michelangelo van Dam
Source: Flickr – PHP Tour Luxembourg 2015 − Michelangelo van Dam by @F A U N

We have been promoting testing in PHP applications for many years and have given workshops about unit testing on the far corners of the world. Not only is PHPUnit the unit testing framework for PHP applications, it has become our main debugger and tool to experiment ideas before we start implementing them, saving us time and money if the solution doesn’t reach the objective.

To ensure the continuation of PHPUnit development we happily support the project as an organisation.

Get in touch with us to let us help you take back control over your quality and start testing with PHPUnit.