Don’t take any chances when pushing development code into production! Make use of an automated system that validates and test your code before it’s being released. That same system can also produce documentation, checks for coding standards and much more. All tools combined to ensure quality is provided before an application is being deployed into production.

Common Development Workflow

For developers, a common workflow consists of many repetitive tasks and reports failures or bad implementations at the end of a development cycle (milestone or sprint). Even worse, issues are reported by the customer!

Common Development Workflow

It’s clear that this workflow is not optimal. Besides late reporting on failures and errors, manual processes often inflict human errors especially when there’s high pressure or time constraints.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration or CI is a process that automatically integrates software changes, verifies the quality of these changes by running tests and reports errors immediately.

With Continuous Integration a first step is made to automate the development workflow. Development teams can now move faster ahead on their projects while in the background CI is taking care of additional tasks.

Continuous Integration Workflow

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