I’m excited to announce I have been selected to speak at Cloudbrew Conference 2023, a community conference organised by the Belgian Azure User Group (AZUG). I will present my approach to API Operations or ApiOps in organisations who have multiple teams developing and operating REST or SOAP API applications or who are responsible for integrating external services.

ApiOps: Empower teams to manage their own API applications

Welcome to the world of ApiOps, where development teams are capable of managing the full SDLC of their applications in Azure API Management, without having to depend on operations or cloud teams to provision their services.

With ApiOps, cloud teams can define the boundaries in which an application can operate and assert that their governance policies are fulfilled while development teams have the freedom to create, update, and retire their own applications.

In this session I will present both the development side as the operational side, each with their own loosely coupled and independent workload to show how ApiOps can accelerate an organization delivering value faster to internal and external consumers of APIs.

Introduction to API Management

API Management solutions aim to remove common, non-functional requirements that each API service must implement. Authentication and authorisation, documentation, developer on-boarding, security protections, and high availability are examples of these common requirements.

In many cases, this API Management solution is operated by an operations team while development of these API applications are performed by development teams. Not to forget that testing, change management, security, and business teams also have a stake in these applications.

The process of requesting a new endpoint or changes in an existing endpoint is slow, requires handovers and is the source of delays and frustrations. To mitigate this, ApiOps offers a way that an operation team can define the global governance for API Management while providing a self-service integration to the other teams to manage the full lifecycle of their applications.

Implement ApiOps in your organisation

Does your organisation implement Azure API Management and are your developers not able to self-manage the lifecycle of their API applications? Contact us to start your ApiOps journey and give total ownership to your technical teams.

Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.