If you’re using PHP for work or pleasure, here’s the opportunity to help making the source code better during PHPTestFest 2017.

According to W3Techs, 82% of all web applications are running PHP, so chances are that you’re using PHP for your blog, your web store, your financial package, your training platform, your CMS, your issue tracker or even your industrial applications. PHP is everywhere and yearly new users are enjoying the flexibility PHP brings to the table.

This creates an awesome opportunity for you to help making the code better. From September until December 2017 a global PHPTestFest will be organised by companies, user groups or even individual contributors. And even though PHP is originally written in C, you don’t have to be able to write C code. But PHPTestFest will give you an opportunity to look under the hood of PHP and see how all things work.

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Goal of PHPTestFest

The goal of PHPTestFest is to increase the code coverage of PHP by writing tests. Why is this important? Well, when more source code gets covered by tests, the chance something breaking in future releases of PHP decreases (unless explicitly mentioned by the PHP core team). This ensures that your PHP applications can be upgraded with the latest PHP without the risk of something falling over because a non-tested part of PHP functionality was changed or removed.

Thank you for helping to make PHP better


Get your whole team excited to participate with PHPTestFest 2017 and improve the code coverage for PHP and organise a company PHPTestFest or join a local user group participating in PHPTestFest. You can find a list of participating user groups on the official PHPTestFest website, or if you organise it as a company you might want to list your company on the list so others can join. Again, this is a global event with a single goal: making PHP better. And you might like it and decide to become a PHP contributor.

PHPTestFest, join the community in making PHP better

Please look at or listen to The PHP Roundtable podcast episode on PHPTestFest or listen to Voices of the Elephpant interview with Sara Golemon to learn more about this event. We’re pretty excited to participate and we hope you join the global movement in making PHP even better.


We specially want to thank Ben Ramsey and Sammy Kaye Powers to be the driving force behind this event, they are the doers that have kicked off the whole thing and are the PHP heroes of 2017. Well done guys! And a profound appreciation for the whole PHP core team for all their efforts in making PHP an awesome technology. #kudos!



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Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.

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