For the past decade in2it has delivered value to customers bringing their applications to a higher level of quality and improving their workflow.

10 years ago we started by providing network infrastructure and wireless network solutions, but soon after we started commercialising these services, requests started to come in for providing web applications to manage these networks. In the three years after our initial start, we converted completely from a network service company to a web application solution provider.

Networks and server management as a service.
Ensuring networks were robust and reliant

With our passion for quality we incorporate tests in solutions we deliver. For many years we had to fight budget battles as testing was not something the customer would pay for. On the flip side, these same customers demand high quality solutions. This was something they were used to with other technologies like Java and C#. Don’t forget, these were crisis years and the economy was still sliding down.

An automated pipeline for continuous deployment
Automation of repeatable steps is key to ensure quality is delivered always

Not only are we focussed on delivering quality to our customers, but also to the PHP community. We sponsor many PHP events around the world, most notably PHPBenelux Conference that’s being held every year here in Belgium.

The PHPBenelux Conference Elephpant
The PHPBenelux ElePHPant

We keep on delivering high value to our customers by incorporating quality by design and automating the processes for testing, building and delivery. This ensures expected outcomes with little overhead customers were eager to pay for. To ensure knowledge stays with our clients we share our experiences with the development teams.

In2it quality knowledge sharing where possible, even on the ground in a hallway.
A improvised knowledge sharing session

As years went by we added resilience and accessibility by design into the mix. Customers demanded it and the industry was heading towards these same requirements.

When in 2016 GDPR was announced, privacy by design became just another routine we added in the way we design and build applications.

Providing privacy by design
A presentation we provided in the months leading up to GDPR

Nowadays clients demand for better security. This means that for us that we introduce security by design to our list of practices. Even though security is a complete separate skillset, with our experience in testing and using analysis tools we see we already have a great advantage. Understanding the security implications of web technologies is something we want to learn this year.

Security by design
Security by design starts with the basics: secure access with Yubikeys

In the next decade, we will continue to deliver more aspects of development by design with better tools and faster feedback to the developers to ensure issues are reported the moment they are being created. This will reduce the overhead of maintenance and support in the long run. Are you ready for the next 10 years? We surely are.

Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.