Our CEO and Co-founder Michelangelo van Dam has been involved in the organisation of PHPBenelux since its origin in 2007.

PHPBenelux is a huge accelerator for our company. We were able to grow by receiving enormous recognition from the PHP community in the Benelux and even beyond.

To show our appreciation for all the work the team has done, and the feedback we received from the PHP community, we sponsor this new initiative. They bring the meetup experience virtually, creating a platform for developers to connect, learn and share experiences with others.

We sponsor PHPBenelux crew by providing facilities and equipment to host their event and ship PHP care packages to raffle winners.

A typical PHPBenelux Care Package with elephpant and community swag.
A typical PHP Care Package

Enjoy every meetup and maybe we can ship you this awesome PHP Care Package. See a list of upcoming virtual sessions on Meetup or join the conversation on Slack.