It is that time of the year again where we look back at the past 12 months to reflect on the things we did at in2it.


2019 was our anniversary year, a decade of improving quality for our customers and modernising their applications. We celebrated it with our entire team at PHPBenelux Conference in Antwerp beginning of the year. This was such a great initiative, we decided to make it our annual get-together as our team works remote the rest of the year.

The in2it team
The whole In2it team at PHPBenelux Conference 2019

For the 2020 edition of PHPBenelux Conference we have Kenneth Schabrechts giving a workshop “User Experience Design 101” and Srdjan Vranac giving two talks “Distributed Domain Destruction – Adventures in building distributed systems” and “Be nice, help the person who hacks your servers to get your data“. Of course, the rest of the team will be present there.


The past year I also started diving deeper in the aspects of web application security. Current generation of adversaries are using advanced tools and techniques to attack applications and as a service supplier we need to protect applications against these threats, but also build in techniques to detect and alert on these attacks.

Cyber Security
Web Application Security becoming a must in modern development

What I learned so far is that the security landscape is enormous and that there’s way too much to learn. I also have to admit that web application security goes beyond what you can do in your code. It’s the total sum of all things combined that will cause a breach. In the upcoming years I will keep on learning more about it while working together with experts in the security field to safeguard the applications of our clients and their customers.

Application Modernisation

This year is also the time where we invested lots of work in modernising legacy applications for our customers. Most of their applications were build between 2006 and 2010 and were running on PHP 5.x.

Modernising the future
We’re modernising your applications to be ready for the exciting future

By migrating them first towards PHP 7.3 we already gained momentum on performance and resource requirements. Migrating the applications onto a modern framework involved more work and endurance on our part. Automated testing helped us enormously achieving our goals and enables our clients to maintain, upgrade and refactor their applications more easy.


More and more customers are looking towards cloud solutions. With our expertise in running PHP applications on Microsoft Azure we help our customers to choose the right cloud services for their use case so they benefit directly from the power of the cloud without paying too much in unexpected expenses.

We run anything on Microsoft Azure, as long it’s build with PHP

In the past months we’ve worked with clients to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure with their custom build application, leveraging public cloud and on-prem resources. And we will continue to work with more clients as we want in2it to become the reference for PHP applications on Microsoft Azure.

Closing down the year

As we’re counting the days until the end of the year, we’re also going to wind down a bit. 2019 was a very exciting, fast-pased year with lots of peek moments. We are certain that 2020 will only continue in the same rythem, if not even faster.

We wish all of you happy holidays. Enjoy the time with your loved ones and friends. Looking forward seeing you all again in 2020!


Michelangelo van Dam

Michelangelo van Dam is a senior PHP architect, PHP community leader and international conference speaker with many contributions to PHP projects and community events.